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Developing and strengthening business partnerships worldwide

About Us

IBF International specializes in the import/export business and food distribution worldwide. We aim to develop long-lasting alliances overseas and grow their business more efficiently, profitably, and in a competitive way.


We also offer our customers comprehensive advice and consultancy in foreign trade.


Founded in 2016, IBF is growing consistently, and our main goal is to strengthen partnerships by providing our clients with the best products available in the market.


Our commitment is to deliver complete and customized solutions to ensure the best results for your company's expansion.


Our differentials

  • Competitive prices

  • Quick delivery

  • Inventory availability

  • Personalized services

  • Customized solutions 

  • Certified quality products

The guarantee of the best results comes with a complete consultancy, including internal and external diagnostics, specific market and competition analyses, logistics chain structure, sales potential forecast, brand strategic plan, and supplier development.  


We pay full attention and are committed to offering the best services that meet your company or brand’s necessities, focusing on opportunities to grow your business.


A partnership that respects the essence of your company.


First-class food. Always the best for your clients.


Guaranteed deliveries with utmost dedication.


A team focused on maintaining a standard of excellence.


New ideas and products for a world that seeks new paths and solutions.


Our Values

The first is trust. We prioritize finding and creating solid partnerships, respecting each other, and following that essence. The right connections exist; our job is to ensure they will bring the right results.

Quality is also paramount here at IBF International. We not only offer top-class consultancy work to guarantee the results your company is seeking, but we are also committed to sourcing the best for our customers, taking care of each step, from finding the best product supply to delivering it to our clients.

Safety. We focus on every detail and pay attention to all transportation processes so they are done with the utmost dedication and food safety, with the appropriate equipment and the correct storage conditions.

Consistency is more than a commitment. It is one of our pillars. Our team members focus on offering a standard of excellence in every stage of the project they are involved in, as it is only with this dedication that we can guarantee the best results.

Creating new ideas and products moves us into a world that is always looking for new solutions - and innovation is one we want to build our path on. It serves as a guide on how we see the future of our company and our partners.

The exact solution for your brand expansion is here.

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